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Drape & Decor 

Put a new twist on event design with the help of Swag Decor. Available rentals include:

  • Masking Drape
  • Event Drape
  • Backdrops
  • LED Drape
  • Ceremony Structures
  • Entranceways
  • Screen Surrounds
  • Spandex Shapes
  • Tent Enhancements

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Reign Entertainment has a full range of event decor. We have thousands of themed props & theme ideas suitable for themed parties, events & weddings, all made to the highest quality by our in-house team. From a single focal element to a roomful of sculpted figures, set pieces, and accents, you’ll appreciate the drama and impact this one of a kind item can create. Each original prop is alive with color and detail, adding dimension and flair. Our props arrive in pristine, event-ready condition, and our team handles transport, set-up, and tear-down with the care you and your event decor items deserve.

  • Themed Props
  • Centerpiece Design
  • Drape and Fabric Design
  • Unique Lounge Furniture

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